Forensic Anions Solutions Kit

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Forensic Anions Solutions Kit

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Forensic Anion Solutions Kit For Ce
Ultra Pure CE Water, 500 ml
Bare Fused Silica Capillary, 50 mm Id, 104 cm Long
Alignment Interface For Standard 50 mm Id Capillary
Inorganic Anion Test Mixture, 10 ml
Basic Anion Buffer, 5 X 50 ml
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Forensic Anions Solutions Kit

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Agilent Technologies CE Solutions Kits include all you need to begin your CE analysis: buffers, capillaries, conditioning solutions, test samples and methods. Each kit is designed to take advantage of the automation of the Agilent CE system to make your time in the laboratory more efficient. All kits are prepared using the same quality procedures as our buffers and are thoroughly tested and supported.

While the kits have been optimized for use with the Agilent CE system, they may be used with virtually any commercial or home-built CE system.

Inorganic anion test mixture (2714J43) includes 1000 ppm each of fluoride, chloride, bormide, nitrite, sulfate and 2000 ppm phosphate.

2715L01 (Alignment interface for standard 50 ┬Ám ID capillary) should be ordered separately for use with the Agilent CE System.


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