323Dz/D Dispenser and Accessories

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323Dz/D Dispenser and Accessories

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323Dz/3D2 Dispensing Pump 3 rollers thick walled tubing
323Dz/D Dispensing Pump 3 rollers
SS Filling needle 8.0mm bore, SS
SS Filling needle 6.4mm bore
SS Filling needle 3.2mm bore
505AFN, Boxed set of Filling needles
505AL, Dispensing lance for dose triggering
505AF, Footswitch for dose triggering
323Dz/4DDispensing Pump 4 rollers
Filling Needle 8.0mm Bore
SS Filling needle 4.8mm bore
SS Filling needle 1.6mm bore
505AV, Proximity switch, for hands free dose triggering
505AH, Handswitch for dose triggering
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323Dz/D Dispenser and Accessories

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