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Elevate Your Lab's Safety with Our Cutting-Edge Decontamination Services

In the dynamic world of modern scientific research, maintaining the integrity of your equipment, enclosures, and facilities is paramount. That's why Scientific Calibration is excited to introduce our cutting-edge decontamination services – the ultimate solution to safeguard your critical processes and research endeavors.

Dynamic Innovation Meets Expert Service

Introducing our Bioquell L-4 Decontamination Service, powered by revolutionary Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor technology. Our experts bring you a seamless, hassle-free decontamination experience that redefines the standards of biological safety.

Precision Sterilization

The Bioquell L-4 achieves a remarkable 6-log kill, eradicating 99.9999% of bioburden from every exposed surface. With meticulous precision, we ensure your equipment, enclosures, and facilities are free from contaminants, providing a solid foundation for your research endeavors.

Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

Flexibility is at the heart of our service. The Bioquell L-4 easily connects to a range of equipment and setups, adapting to your specific requirements. From small enclosures to larger equipment, we've got you covered. Have unique demands? We're here to accommodate them, offering customized engineering solutions that fit seamlessly into your workflow.

Unmatched Efficiency

Gone are the days of prolonged downtime. Our Bioquell L-4 Decontamination Service utilizes dual-loop technology for prompt initiation. From vapor release to safe conversion, the process is efficient, quick, and designed to minimize disruptions.

Data-Driven Assurance

Transparency is key. With our service, every decontamination cycle is meticulously documented. Real-time cycle data is accessible, providing you with insights into the process and ensuring you have full control and confidence in your biosafety measures.

Step into a new era of biosafety excellence with our expert decontamination services. Trust us to safeguard your research environment, enabling you to focus on groundbreaking discoveries. Contact Scientific Calibration today to schedule your service and experience the future of lab safety firsthand.