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Multi Vials

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Multi-Vials, Type 2, 12 pack, for use with SC450 Colorimeters
Multi-Vials, Type 3, 12 pack, for use with MC500 Colorimeter
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Multi-Vials are available for use with the SC450 and MC500 Colorimeters from Lovibond.

They are specifically for use for measuring high ranges of Free and Total Chlorine (0.01-8.0 mg/l) using the DPD method.

Cells are supplied as a 12 pack and come with lids. Measurement path length is 10 MM.

Please note: The angle at which these cells are inserted into the instrument is a critical part of achieving an accurate measurement. It is important the Type 2 vials are used only with the SC450 Colorimeters and that Type 3 vials are used only with the MC500 Colorimeter. Using the wrong vial with an instrument will lead to inaccurate results.


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