MC126 Portable Conductivity/TDS/C Meter

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MC126 Portable Conductivity/TDS/C Meter

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Conductivity Standard 1413 Ms / cm
Conductivity Standard 12.88 Ms / cm, Bx. 30
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  • 2 point conductivity calibration
  • Autocalibration with choice of 2 standards
  • Up to three significant figures
  • RS232 data output
  • Adjustable total dissolved solids factor

This portable conductivity meter has been developed to allow easy conductivity measurement in a wide range of routine laboratory and field applications.It utilizes a plastic bodied, four stainless steel potentiometric conductivity probe, which offers accurate measurement over the range 0-199.99 mS/cm.For accurate determinations in pure and ultra-pure water applications, the meter should be used in conjunction with a glass flow-through cell.The cell prevents atmospheric contact with the sample, thereby preventing carbon dioxide adsorption, which leads to apparently high results.Unit has selectable 2 point calibration.One point calibration can be carried out in air for speed where less accurate determinations are acceptable.For best accuracy, two point calibration can be carried out in air followed by a conductivity standard.A choice of 4 standards are available.For added convenience, the conductivity meter automatically identifies which type of conductivity probe is connected and will recognize the cell constant, eliminating the need to key in a cell constant prior to use.

The meter measures in two modes:conductivity or total dissolved solids.For conductivity measurement, it can be tailored to the particular sample type through the selectable temperature coefficient used in the automatic temperature compensation feature.In the total dissolved solids mode, an adjustable solids factor (the ratio between total dissolved solids and conductivity) enable the meter to be adapted to the sample under test.Includes 3239K37 or K40 probe.


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