Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzers (FACA-301)

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Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzers (FACA-301)

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Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer (300 tests/hour)
Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer (Electrolyte Tester and Analyzer) (480 tests/hour)
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Labomed introduces an automatic biochemistry analyzer with varying testing capacities.

There are two different systems:

  • FACA-301 300 test/hr True Random Access 
  • FACA-301-ISE 420 test/hr True Random Access


  • Random access and direct reading system
  • Automatic washing system for both sample and reagent probe
  • Liquid level detection and collision protection for both sample and reagent probe
  • Reliable cooling system for reagent chamber
  • Powerful reaction cuvette washing system
  • User-friendly interface ELE module and barcode scanner (optional)
  • Works with Windows XP and Windows 7
  • Enzyme Kinetic GPT GOT tests


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