Multidrop™ 384 Bulk Reagent Dispenser

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Multidrop™ 384 Bulk Reagent Dispenser

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Multidrop® 384, 100-120V, 50/60Hz
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The Thermo Scientific™ Multidrop™ 384 Bulk Reagent Dispenser provides reliable microvolume reagent dispensing for pharmaceutical and biotechnology laboratories.

The Multidrop 384 reagent dispenser provides continuous highspeed dispensing of various liquids with excellent precision and robot compatibility for higher productivity. The Multidrop 384 instrument dispenses a wide range of solutions into 96 and 384 well plates across 5 to 395 µL volume range.

  • Precise dispensing with reproducible dispensing results
  • High-speed dispensing for high assay throughput
  • Easy setup with quick plate and volume selection
  • Easy to integrate with different robotic setups for higher throughput

Convenient, autoclavable dispensing cassette

  • 8-channel detachable, autoclavable dispensing cassette to ensure sterile conditions and avoid cross contamination
  • All reagent lines can be backflushed into the reagent bottle, minimizing the loss of expensive reagents

Includes: One standard tube dispensing cassette (Cat. No. 24072670)
Warranty and Service Offering: One year
Recommended for: Assay development, primary and secondary screening, compound storage, genomics and proteomics research, cell based assays and ELISA assays

Plate Types:96-, 384-well plates
Dispensing Volume Range:5 to 395 µL
Dispensing Precision:5 µL: CV=10% (typical)
20 µL: CV=1.5% (typical)
100 µL: CV=1% (typical)
Dispensing Accuracy:5 µL: ±3% (typical)
20 µL: ±2% (typical)
100 µL: ±1% (typical)
Dispensing Speed:96-well plate: 20 µL in 5 seconds, 50 µL in 8 seconds
384-well plate: 20 µL in 20 seconds, 50 µL in 25 seconds

Dispensing Increments:

5 µL increments
Dead Volume:<7 mL†
Dimensions (W × D × H):
12.2 × 12.6 × 6.1 in. (31 × 32 × 15.5 cm)
Weight:6.2 kg (13.7 lbs.)

† Reagent recovery option

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